Vocational Programming

Adult Vocational Services

We provide a program of supported employment that assists individuals we serve in gaining work skills through assessment, work experience, and training to work programs. Individuals are able to guide their vocational activities through selecting options we have available and by customizing their vocational plan to best explore their interests. Our adult program has many community partners that open their doors to the training and experience programs that may result in direct employment and act as resume builders to facilitate hiring through other community partners or non-partnered community employers. The overall goal of the vocational program is to help our people reach independence in the world of work to improve their standard of living through greater income and social opportunities in their lives.



Transitional Vocational Services

Our Transitional Vocational program focuses on helping students begin to explore the world of work at the age of 14. Through job shadows, skill assessments, and work experience programs our students are empowered to learn the necessary social and vocational skills to make them successful in the work place. Our staff accompanies all students into the community assisting them with learning the expectations of work sites and providing valuable honest feedback to help them grow. Through our program the student is able to explore his or her interests through selecting from available options that work to accurately reflect work available in our community.