Fire Safety Day

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The sirens and flashing lights that appeared at the Pioneer Center last week brought smiles and cheers, as emergency service employees from the Union Township Fire Department came to teach students about fire safety. The firefighters from Union Township have been visiting Pioneer for more than a decade for the annual Fire Safety Day.

Brian Prickett, Tim Grimm, Jim Thompson, and Jordan Thomas, of Union Township Fire Department, shared fire safety guidelines and gave the students a tour of their fire truck and ambulance.  Prickett and Grimm assisted the students in operating a hose and revealed the details of their truck. Thompson and Thomas demonstrated fire safety techniques inside the gymnasium, and showed students what their gear looks and feels like. Those fire fighters made certain that this day was informational, as well as enjoyable.

Thank you Union Township Firefighters, for all of the valuable service you provide to our community!ff 072



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