Thank U-Pick Pumpkins




Today, a group of students from the Pioneer Center made their way out to U-Pick Pumpkins (5070 Spargursville Rd., US Rt. 50). Don Shoemaker invited the children out so they could experience his farm.

While the rain put a bit of a damper on the day, the kids still enjoy themselves and went home with a free mini-pumpkin and some watermelon in their bellies. Don has kindly offered a rain check to students from Pioneer. He said that students are welcome back any time this fall for a complimentary pumpkin and a hayride.

Thank you, Mr. Shoemaker for your generosity and hospitality! If you would like to help support those who support the DD community, visit Don this fall M-F, 2pm-Dusk, Sat. 10-Dusk. P: 740-466-5005.

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