Provider FAQ

Refer to the list of FAQs below to find answers regarding the provider certification process.  If you have additional questions, email Greg Williamson at for further assistance, or call 740-773-8044.

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Update (2.3.16):

New Independent Provider Orientation   

Changes to the Rule

Effective September 1, 2015, the Provider Certification Rule (5123:2-2-01) requires a web-based pre-certification orientation.

The Independent Provider Orientation is an interactive overview of information important to anyone considering becoming an independent and is required in the proposed rule, prior to applying for certification.

An online orientation for provider agency CEO’s hired after September 1, 2015 is also available.

Each orientation takes approximately 20 minutes.


Is there a need for providers in Ross County?

We are always looking for good, qualified providers in Ross County.  Selection of providers is made by the individual, because of this we cannot guarantee that as a certified provider you will be selected to provide services in Ross County.  We would be happy to go over the Free Choice of Provider with you and the process Ross County uses.  Please contact Greg Williamson at 740-773-8044 or


I am interested in becoming a provider to individuals with developmental disabilities. What is the process?


In order to provide services, people need to be certified through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.  Requirements for certification include a background check, having a high school diploma or GED, be at least 18 years old, have First Aid/CPR and 8 hours of additional training required by DODD.  There is an online application and certification fee, as well as the fees for the background check and trainings.


Online Application:

You can log on to the Provider Certification Wizard here  to start your application. Start by creating a Provider User Account.


Where do I send my background check results?

Effective April 1, 2013, DODD will no longer be able to accept a BCII background check unless it is sent directly to DODD from BCII.

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
Attn: Provider Certification Unit
30 East Broad Street, 13th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215


What training do I need to have to be certified?
  • Incidents Adversely Affecting Health and Safety (MUI/UI)
  • Rights of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
  • Principles of Positive Intervention Culture
  • Self Determination
  • Universal Precautions
  • Overview of Serving Individuals with DD
  • Basic Principles & Requirements of HCBS Waiver Services

The Residential Service Office maintains a list of online tools and providers that meet these training requirements please contact Greg Williamson at 740-773-8044 or for assistance.


As an independent provider, how do I get paid?

Independent Providers are not employed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities or the local county board of DD. You are considered self-employed.  You will bill DODD directly for any services you provide.  The process is online and you will receive your payment direct deposited into an account that you have provided to DODD.  No taxes are taken from your pay, you are responsible for arranging payment of all taxes (federal, state, local, school, etc.) on any income you receive as an independent provider.

There are agencies that can assist you with your billing, for a fee.  Contact Greg Williamson at 740-773-8044 or if you need further information.


How do I find an individual to work with?

The Ross County Board of DD maintains a provider notebook containing the individual and agency providers that have contacted us to provide services.  When an individual receives approval to enroll on a waiver, the SSA for that individual will assist them in reviewing the notebook and selecting provider to interview.  If you are scheduled for an interview, you will have time to discuss you background, employment history and how you will meet the needs of the individual.  The individual and SSA will discuss the services that are needed and where they will be provided.  Once interviews are completed, the individual will notify the SSA of their choice.  If you are selected, the SSA will contact you and discuss in more detail the service plan and establish a start date.


What is a Provider Compliance Review?

Provider Compliance Reviews are done once every certification period for certified providers. Compliance reviews are designed to assure that providers are meeting the standards they agreed to when becoming a provider. Providers will be asked to show proof of training, proof of services provided and proof that incidents were reported as required. This process allows for providers to correct areas that need improvement. Special reviews can be completed at any time if there is a concern or complaint regarding a provider.


I am already certified, how do I get added to the provider notebook in Ross County?

At a minimum, you will need to contact the Residential Service Director with your current contact information, including: name/name of agency, address, phone/fax number, and email address. If your certification renewal was done more than a year ago, we will also ask for additional information such as training records, driver’s license, vehicle insurance information, etc., to assure these things are up to date.

Residential Service Director: Greg Williamson

You will also need to submit a copy of your certification letter from DODD and complete a Provider Interest and Information form.


How much will I be paid as an independent provider?

All independent providers in Ross County are paid $16.76 per hour or $4.19 a unit (a unit is 15 minutes) for HPC services and $0.45 per mile for 1-1 services.


Provider Certification Checklist