Residential Services

Residential services from Pioneer Center are based on the philosophy that all people with developmental disabilities should live as independently as they are able. For some, that may mean living in an apartment or house of their own and receiving only minimal assistance from our agency. Others may require 24-hour supervision and/or medical care. Our focus is to provide for each person the most independent and personally satisfying home environment. Individuals are encouraged to be involved in their choice of where and with whom they live and who will provide their support services.

Funding for services can be made through Supported Living or Medicaid waiver programs (Individual Options Waiver, Level 1 Waiver, SELF Waiver or Transitions DD Waiver).  There are a limited number of “slots” available for each Waiver across Ohio.   In order to receive a waiver, the individual must be Medicaid eligible.  The SSA staff can assist you with the application process when necessary.

The various waivers available in Ohio can be found here.

Handbooks for families regarding these waiver programs can be found here.

People interested in a waiver or Supported Living services should contact Greg Williamson, Residential Service Director or their Service & Support Administrator (SSA) concerning the various services provided through these waivers and discuss placement upon the appropriate waiting list.  Each year, the Pioneer Center will determine how many additional waivers are going to be requested from the Ohio Department of DD, based on available resources.

Currently the Pioneer Center provides residential services and adult day program activities by working with state certified providers.  You can search for approved providers by clicking here.  You can also contact the SSA office to review our provider notebook.  The Pioneer Center staff will assist individuals and families in identifying providers and help the conduct interviews to choose the provider that best suits their needs.

Individuals interested in becoming certified to provide Supported Living or waivers services should contact Greg Williamson, Residential Service Director at or click here.

The residential service office is available assist individuals in completing the application by calling 740-773-8044 ext. 263.  Interested individuals will have to have a background check, 8 hours of training, First Aid/CPR as part of the application.  The residential service office can assist you in finding the required training classes.  Certified providers are not employees of the Pioneer Center, individuals and families will select providers based on their needs.


Residential Services Staff


Greg Williamson, Director
740-773-8044 ext. 263