Photogenic Baby Contest Fundraiser Coming


Premier Women’s Health OB GYN is hosting this annual photo contest. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place trophies will be awarded to the top vote-getters. Contest is free to enter. Only $1 donation to vote. ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE PIONEER SCHOOL.


By submitting an entry photo, you agree to all terms and rules of this contest.


1. Babies/children who are ages newborn to 6 years, whose parents or legal guardians consent to the entry, and to the terms and rules of this contest are eligible.

2. Families with more than one qualifying child may enter each child separately (not as a group, except for multiple births).

3. Families of twins, triplets, or other multiple births may submit the children separately, OR together in one photograph. Otherwise, no group shots, please.


Parents or legal guardians only may enter a picture of their child/children. The child must be from newborn to age 6. Group photos are only eligible in the case of multiple births. Obscene or banned images are not accepted. Premier Women’s Health OB GYN reserves to the right to disqualify any image that it finds to be offensive or not suitable for family viewing. Entrants must agree to all official terms and rules of this contest; and must agree to allow Premier Women’s Health OB GYN and its partners to showcase their image(s) in their advertising and promotions, including Facebook and other social media pages. Premier Women’s Health OB GYN and its partners are not liable for: uploading or submitting photos; returning photographs; malfunctions or errors of Facebook; malfunctions or errors of WooBox online software; un-received entry photos; power outages while uploading; mislabeled or unmarked entry photos; missed deadlines for any reason; missed phone calls, messages or other forms of communication; any possible copyright infringements; any disputes between parents or legal guardians; or any other real or perceived damages that may occur from participating in this contest. Void where prohibited.

HOW TO ENTER A PHOTO: (choose a method from below; the contest is FREE to enter)

1. Just email a photo to Include child’s name as well as parent’s name, your address, and a current telephone number. This information will only be used to contact you if you should win. (Mobile uploads might not work with all phones or devices. If this method does not work for you, please use one of the other methods listed below.) OR…

2. Book a FREE photo session at Jividen Photography by calling (740) 774-6243 – limit one photo session per child. Jividen Photography has agreed to do FREE photo sessions for this contest (by appointment only), and to supply families with several choices (if possible) to use as an “entry photo.” Jividen Photography will submit the image you select if selection is made by or before July 27, 2015. (There is no obligation to purchase anything.) Appointments are subject to availability during Jividen’s normal business hours. Jividen Photography is not responsible for missed appointments, or if a re-shoot is requested. OR…

3. If you prefer, you may drop off or mail a photo of your baby or child (newborn to age 6) to Premier Women’s Health OB GYN by July 27, 2015, to enter. IF DROPPING OFF OR MAILING YOUR ENTRY PHOTO:

3a. Entries should be a minimum of wallet size, and a maximum of 5×7 inches. No frames, glass, or mounted photos, please.

3b. Mail the photo or photos to: Premier Women’s Health OB GYN, 610 Blackwater Road, Chillicothe, OH 45601. We must receive your entry by July 27, 2015.

3c. Identification must be on the backside of your photo(s) with: your name, your address, and a current telephone number. This information will only be used to contact you if you should win.

3d. Photos may be picked up from Premier Women’s Health OB GYN during normal business hours after the contest has ended, but before September 30, 2015. Photos not picked up by that time or will not be returned.


1. Voting is a $1 donation (to the Pioneer Center, Ross County MRDD) per vote; and you may vote as many times as you like, and for as many babies/children as you like. This is a fundraiser, so we encourage multiple votes.

2. Voting will occur “in person” at the fair, we accept cash, and checks drawn on local banks (checks must clear bank before votes are counted.)

3. You may vote for you favorite baby (or babies) by voting during open hours (noon to 8:00 p.m.) at our booth (Premier Women’s Health OB GYN) at the 2015 Ross County Fair from August 10-14, 2015. Our booth is located in the “Commercial Building.” We will display the entry photos/images there.


Trophies will be awarded to: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Trophies must be picked up by the winners; and will not be shipped. Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on or shortly after August 14, 2015. Winners will also be contacted by phone (if phone number is valid), and will be posted in the office of Premier Women’s Health OB GYN for approximately 30 days following the announcement.

ALL proceeds benefit the Pioneer Center (Ross County MRDD).

Good luck to all!

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