NIC Global, Pioneer Center have clutch partnership


Job Coach, Ali Porter, Chris Lemming, and Plant Manager, Brian Armistead watch a worker demonstrate a different technique to take on a task.

NIC Global is a large cog in the economic engine of Ross County, serving as a Tier 1 manufacturer for Kenworth Truck Co. The company manufactures and assembles sheet metal components that go into various places on Kenworth trucks; some of the largest being complete sides and backs of sleeper units. Their facility off of Delano Road in the industrial park is also helping to push forward perceptions of ability and the developmentally disabled community.

NIC Global started their partnership with The Pioneer Center’s Job Development program earlier this year, a relationship which has already proven to be mutually beneficial. Chris Lemming, 29, joined NIC’s 45 employees earlier this year and quickly found his place them, honing in on a specific set of tasks which he is mastering.

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Chris Lemming applies waterproofing sealant with the help of his Job Coach, Ali Porter.




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