MUI Information

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Reporting Health and Safety Concerns/MUI’s

The Pioneer Center encourages all Ross County Community members to report allegations of abuse and neglect to the Pioneer Center. Providers of DD services are required to follow the MUI Reporting Rule (ORC: 5123:2-17-02) to report all Major Unusual Incidents (MUI) to the Pioneer Center. If you believe someone with a developmental disability has been abused or neglected please report as listed below:


If the person is not in immediate danger please call the Pioneer Center Service and Support Administration at 740-775-7044.

Office hours are 8:30AM to 4:30PM Monday-Friday

After hours call 740-775-7044, you will reach the Crisis Center. Ask the person answering to have the Service and Support Administrator (SSA) on call to contact you.

You can also contact the Ohio Department of DD through their hotline – 866-313-6733 – which may be used if there are concerns or difficulties in reporting to the county board of DD.

About Incident Reporting

Incident reporting is a resource for people concerned about the well-being of individuals with developmental disabilities. Incident reporting not only keeps the agency informed, but in some cases reports also are filed on a state level. The purpose of incident reporting and the required follow-up is to help keep people with developmental disabilities healthy and safe.

What to report

It is important to report any suspicions that a person with a developmental disability is being mistreated. These reports include suspected abuse, neglect or other major unusual incidents.

What is abuse?

Abuse and mistreatment can occur in many forms:

•Physical abuse is one person causing physical harm to another.
•Sexual abuse is unwanted touching and non-consensual sexual acts.
•Verbal abuse is using words or gestures to threaten, coerce, intimidate, harass or humiliate another individual.
•Violation of Rights is any incident where basic rights are ignored in a way that risks health and safety.
•Misappropriation is depriving, defrauding or otherwise obtaining the property of another person.
•Exploitation is improperly using a person’s money or belongings for benefit, profit or gain.

What is neglect?

Neglect is failing to provide treatment, care, goods, supervision, or services necessary to maintain health and safety.

Note: If the victim of abuse or neglect is a child (under age 22), call the South Central Ohio Job and Family Services – Children’s Division at 1-855-726-5237. Then call the Pioneer Center Service and Support Administration office at 740-775-7044.

What happens when I report?

When you report an allegation or suspicion, you will likely be asked questions about the incident to help us determine what needs to occur. Although we prefer to know who is reporting an incident, we understand that sometimes people decide to stay anonymous. The more cooperation we get from the reporter, the better able we are to ensure health and safety of the person. In serious cases of abuse and neglect, reporters may be asked to provide a written statement and/or cooperate with children services or law enforcement.

Training Materials

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