Pioneer Center Levy Vote – March 15, 2016

The Ross County Board of DD, aka The Pioneer Center, is running a levy campaign, with approval from the Ross County Commissioners. The Pioneer Center serves all ages of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Summary of Levy Millage and tax dollars:

Proposed increase in millage: 9/10 (.9)    15%

Proposed increase for average homeowner: $46.90 per yr.  ($3.91 per month)

Proposed increase in average homeowner’s total taxes: 3.1%

  • Average home value is based on$100,000.00 Based on current effective millage rates the total taxes paid would be $ 1,501.00 per year.

So, why is this levy necessary?

  1. Continued Growth

Over the past 5 years the Board has seen a significant increase in the need for services in all areas and programs. Over all we had an increase of 172 new individuals receiving services. We have also added 183 individuals to the Medicaid Waiver system in order to address much needed supporting living requests. The waivers assist individuals and families to either remain living at home or to find a shared living option.

We are anticipating and planning for continued growth with additional individuals needing services as follows:

  • SSA(case management) 125-135 ( 23% increase)
  • Adults (all providers) 125 (40% increase)
  • Children 15-27 (5-10% increase)
  • Additional Medicaid Waivers 80 ( 25% increase)

2.Medicaid Waivers

In order to close the waiting list gap we were more aggressive over this past levy cycle by adding 183 individuals (around 36 per year). Planning for the next five years will account for an increase of around 80 individuals (16 per year) enrolled on a Medicaid Waiver. The current Medicaid match requirement is 40% local and 60% federal. We also must keep reserve funds available for Medicaid match in order to address unplanned emergencies that occur every year as families and individuals continue to change.

3. Continuing Current Services

We have planned on providing for ongoing expenses to continue the current level of programs and services. We have planned for ongoing increases in operational cost such as salaries and benefits for staff, utilities, travel and insurances. We have also had to make up for losses in State Funding especially the elimination of the TPP Tax included in the current State budget.

4. Facility Updates

We addressed office space needs and eliminated rental cost during this levy cycle when we completed the renovation project at 167 West Main St. Based on our current Facility Needs and Priorities Plan the next phase of facility updates will focus at Pioneer School. Pioneer School was constructed in 1972 and we need to address restroom updates, program space changes and major maintenance and repairs such as a new roof, HVAC replacements, security updates and equipment.

Important Dates:

February 16: Deadline to Register to Vote

February 17 : Early Voting Begins and Requested Absentee Ballots will begin Mailing

March 14 : Early Voting Ends

March 15: ELECTION DAY (Absentee Ballots Due before 7:30p.m. on election day)


Essential Voting Resources:

Absentee Voting – Request your ballot NOW!

Where to Vote 

Registering to Vote

Ross County Board of Elections