Jeanie Holt

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Jeanie Holt
First Capital Enterprises

Jeanie Holt began her career at First Capital Enterprises, Inc. September 30, 1998. Jeanie has been a great asset to our company and represents FCE well; she always has a smile and kind words of encouragement towards the individuals she works with. Jeanie goes above and beyond in her job at our long-time ODOT contract; her positive outlook is amazing to see even when something negative may happen or need immediate attention. Jeanie will start to work right away on correcting whatever is thrown her way, she leads by example and it is evident her co-workers and employees witness her loyalty and teamwork concerning everyone she is around.

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Jeanie; her years of dedicated service to our company along with the pride she continues to show in her work throughout the 19 years she’s worked with FCE and ODOT.

Submitted By Joan DePugh