Enrollment Process

Pioneer Center School-Age Enrollment Process

The Pioneer Center School-age program enrolls students from Ross and surrounding counties through referrals from local school districts.  Anyone interested in Pioneer School should contact the office at 740-773-2165 to request a tour from the Director of Education, Regina Speas, or Education Supervisor, Chitia Lewis.


To be eligible to attend Pioneer Center school-age services, students should have multiple areas of disability and be determined by the child’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP) team as having the need to be placed in a separate facility in order to receive their education.  The programming is highly individualized and supported by a 4:1 adult to student ratio in most settings.


If you are interested in enrollment, please call Director of Education, Regina Speas.  The Pioneer Center works with the student’s school district and family to make placement at Pioneer Center an easy transition through a process of record review, assessment, observation, and an intake meeting.


Communication with families and local school districts is a key component to the services provided from Pioneer Center.  The staff strives to keep everyone informed through daily, via notes home, emails, Facebook, our website, newsletters, and family events.  Families are encouraged to visit the school at anytime.  We only ask that prior arrangements be made with the school office or teachers.


Everyone is welcome at Pioneer School.

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