EI Services


What Does the Service Look Like?

Services are available to children who are determined eligible for Early Intervention Services due to a qualifying medical diagnosis or due to developmental delays. This approach recognizes that you are your child’s first and most important teacher. You will be supported by a team that includes Early Intervention Specialists also known as Developmental Specialists, an Occupational Therapist, a Speech Therapist and a Physical Therapist. Each of these team members has extensive knowledge of infant – toddler development. One Developmental Specialist will serve as the primary service provider between your family and the rest of the team.

Your Developmental Specialist will offer regular visits at your home, daycare, or other community setting most appropriate to meet your goals. He/she will show you how to use everyday routines and preferred activities to foster your child’s development and to expand your child’s opportunities for learning throughout the day. This person will share information obtained from the visits with the remainder of the team and will bring recommendations from the team members back to your family. When necessary, other team members may accompany the Developmental Specialist on visits to offer you suggestions directly.


Referral for Ross County Board of Developmental Disabilities

If you suspect a developmental delay please contact our Early Intervention Manager at (740)775-7044 or email us at ei@rossdd.org. We work with Help Me Grow and they are the central intake contact for starting the referral process.  You may also contact Help Me Grow directly at (740)775-3598.

Services begin with an evaluation in order to determine eligibility. Parents must give permission to have their child(ren) evaluated.   If your child is eligible the team will find available resources to help the family meet the needs of their child in natural environments (home, child care center, libraries, grocery stores and recreational settings like play grounds).


Play Groups and Integrated Therapy Groups

Playgroups are designed to offer environments in which parents and caregivers can learn to interact with their child to foster the child’s development through play. Structured playgroups are designed to occur in community-based settings where children with developmental delays and those without identified delays can play and learn from one another with the support of their caregivers. The activities are designed to be enjoyable for all children, regardless of diagnoses or limitations. Groups may take place in day care centers, community activity centers, local preschool classrooms, or other environments where children typically attend or participate.

For more information on play group availability please contact your Developmental Specialist or email us at ei@rossdd.org.

Integrated groups are offered throughout the year on a rotating basis by the Ross County Board of Developmental Disabilities Specialists and Therapists.  The primary goal is to offer group settings where children and caregivers can work together to increase specific abilities.  If you are interested in participating in any of the following groups, contact your Developmental Specialist or email us at ei@rossdd.org.