Deaf Services

Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students:

Deaf or hard of hearing students have unique academic and communication needs in the classroom.  Pioneer Center provides services for students with hearing loss that include fostering sign language, spoken language or picture communication based on the individual child’s needs.  These services are also provided in mainstream settings.  Training for mainstream teachers and staff is offered as well as consultation for IEP teams and families.

Our center currently employs a teacher for deaf and hard of hearing students with nearly a decade of educational experience teaching students with various levels of hearing loss, assistive technology, and communication modalities.  We also have a classroom teacher and interpreter that both have an Associate’s Degree in interpreting.  Our speech and language pathologist has experience with deaf and hard of hearing students and basic sign language.  Several of the staff have been trained in Visual Phonics, a tool strongly supported by research to encourage phonics skills and correct articulation.  Additionally, many of the classroom teachers and aides have attended sessions to learn basic language.

Sign Language Services:

Some students with typical hearing abilities can benefit from learning and using key word signs.  The visual and kinesthetic nature of the language can provide an alternative communication choice for students.  Individual and group sign language sessions are provided to students at Pioneer Center.

Resource Connection:

Staff and families at the Pioneer Center can request access to “communication book” documents that include a picture concept, the English word for the concept, manual alphabet as well as a drawing of the sign for the particular concept.  Other resources such as books, videos, websites, organizations, and events for families and children can also be provided to those interested upon request.

Curriculum Modification:

Given the unique linguistic challenges that many deaf and hard of hearing students encounter, accessing the curriculum can be a daunting task.  We can assist with modifications and accommodations for these students.


For more information on deaf and hard of hearing services, please contact Abby White, Communication Specialist,  at