Pioneer Center Awards Ceremony

Do you know a person, group, or business that should be recognized for their support of people with developmental disabilities in Ross County? Pioneer Center’s upcoming Awards Event, is just the place for that award to be given and publicly acknowledged. Join us for the 16th Annual Pioneer Center Awards Event.

When: March 27, 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. A light buffet will be available starting at 5:30 p.m., with the award ceremony starting at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Where: Ross County Service Center, 475 Western Ave., Chillicothe, Ohi

Who: This event is free and open to the public

Award nominations are due February 27, 2014. Click here to submit a nomination for the following awards:

Pioneer Achievement Award

The Pioneer Achievement Award is given to an individual or group which has contributed significantly to the education of children with disabilities educated at Pioneer or at any school facility in Ross County.


Clark Alexander Award

The Clark Alexander Award is given in honor of Clark Alexander, and represents a Ross County business, service organization or individual that has excelled in the promotion of inclusion for individuals with disabilities in community activities outside of our structured service system. These businesses, organizations, or individuals have provided the integral link that fosters valued relationships between individuals with disabilities and other Ross County citizens.  Without their concerted effort and contribution, many long­ lasting friendships and the opportunity to share community activities and places would have been missed.  Those nominated for this award have given freely of their time, business amenities, and/or financial support to promote access to common, everyday opportunities beyond the walls of our facilities.


Ross County Caregiver’s Award:

The Ross County Caregiver’s Award is given to honor an organization or individual who has provided opportunities and an exemplary level of caring for an individual or individuals with mental retardation or other developmental disabilities. This person or organization is vitally concerned with the quality of life for people who, of necessity, are greatly dependent on those of us experiencing fewer life obstacles.


Stauffer/Maddox Award

The Stauffer/Maddox Award is given in honor of Carson Stauffer and Betty Maddox, and represents a person or group inside our structured service system who has made outstanding contribution and commitment to the development and enhancement of community services for Ross County adults with mental retardation and developmental disabilities.  This award also represents the ability to visualize opportunities not yet realized and to uphold and claim community opportunities in a way that preserves the dignity and respect of those who are not able to advocate for themselves.  Those nominated for this award have demonstrated on-going, personal sacrifice and public presence in their quest to make Ross County a community that embraces all its citizens, regardless of differences.


Distinguished Adult Achievement Award

Two Distinguished Adult Achievement Awards may be given to adults who have met the challenges of dealing with a life-long disability, in a way that serves as a role model for achieving one’s ”personal best. One award may be given to an adult who is employed by First Capital Enterprises, Inc., and another award may be given to anadult who may be employed elsewhere in the county, or is engaged in life activities other than those work related. These adults have demonstrated an attitude of hard work, endurance, and tenacity in the face of personal and societal barriers. They have set and reached many milestones that to most came very naturally. They aspired to continued growth, discovery of new talents, and ways to be a ”part of ‘ instead of “apart from the greater community.


Distinguished Student Achievement Award

Two Distinguished Student Achievement Awards may be given to students who have accomplishments in the social, behavioral and educational areas. One award may be given to a student at Pioneer School and one award may be given to a student educated in another Ross County educational facility.   These accomplishments are measured by quality and not quantity. These students have the potential of achieving more challenging goals in the future.  In life, all of us have had challenges to meet, but for some those challenges have been lifelong obstacles. Students who are honored with the Distinguished Student Achievement Award are those who have exceeded that which was expected of them. These students have exhibited positive qualities such as persistence and determination in overcoming obstacles and in obtaining the goals set. These students are examples of those who are achieving their ”personal best.


Special Recognition Award

A Special Recognition Award is given to individuals or groups that have gone above and beyond expected service and support to individuals with developmental disabilities. This may include current employees of Pioneer Center and its affiliated agencies and organizations.