Cracking the Case of the Hidden Eggs

This week, students from the Pioneer Center’s integrated preschool classrooms at the Childhood Development Center at OU-C investigated the case of the hidden eggs. The hunt for the eggs took place at the First Church of God due to inclement weather, rather than at the Charles and Daisy Black Farm as originally planned.  

The children hunted for the eggs and also participated in an obstacle course, enjoyed an egg toss and a spoon and egg relay. The students even got a visit from Sugar the pony. Sugar came from Stargazey Equine Therapy Farms. Each student got a chance to pet, paint and brush Sugar. The preschoolers also had a chance to learn that ponies enjoy eating carrots and apples. Before Sugar left for the day the kids filled an Easter basket with apples and carrots so that Sugar could have a special holiday treat.  This year the Pioneer Center will be partnering with Stargazey Equine Therapy Farm for summer camp. The Pioneer Center Pony Camp will run from July 14 – 18 at to Charles and Daisy Black Equestrian Farm. For more information on Pony Camp please contact Jan Nusbaum at 740.773.8044.

The students also had a chance to interact with Easter’s unofficial mascot – the bunny.  Gabriel Detty from Petland brought three bunnies to this year’s Easter egg hunt. Gabriel showed the kids how to properly hold a bunny and let each child have a turn.  Students from the Pioneer School-Age program who were working the Tiger Café, a food service based vocational training endeavor, provided the snacks for the younger students.

We would a like to thank the First Church of God for allowing us to use their facility, Cass Stull the Pioneers Centers Special Event Coordinator for putting this event together, the Tiger Cafe, Gabrielle Detty from Petland and Sugar from Stargazey Equine Therapy Farms. Gabrielle Detty does community outreach for Petland, going to schools, community events, and even birthday parties bringing different animals.  If you are interested in having a bunny or other animals at your next community event contact Gabrielle Detty at 740.600.8057 or by email at   If you would like more information about Stargazey Equine Therapy Farms please visit their website at or call 740.286.5533.

Click here to see all the pictures from the event.

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