Our Mission Statement

Improving lives by supporting choices of people through community partnerships and quality services.

The Ross County Board of DD exists for the purpose of improving the quality of life for our citizens who have a developmental disability.  We are committed to provide quality services that provide individuals and their families with choices that enhance community participation and achieve a life of increasing capabilities.

Our Purpose

To improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Our Philosophy

The mission of the Ross County Board of DD is promoted through the following principles.

A. The Board recognizes that all individuals desire and deserve the opportunity to make decisions about their lives and;

B. Person-centered planning is a process they enables people with developmental disabilities and their families to communicate their wants and needs to us so that the Board can arrange the supports they need for a quality life and;

C. Service coordination is a process of assisting individuals and their families to identify and acquire the appropriate service and supports they choose for themselves within the resources available.

D. The Dignity and self-worth of each individual shall be respected.

E. Service and supports shall be personalized and age appropriate.

F. Services for individuals with developmental disabilities should be close to their homes and families.