Becky King-Collins

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Becky King-Collins
First Capital Enterprises

Becky King-Collins started working at First Capital Enterprises in August of 2015. Becky has been a great asset to First Capital and has truly made a difference. She started out working at our building on 7th Street as part-time direct care staff and in a short amount of time she moved into a full-time position and moved to our Day Hab building on Douglas Avenue. She is also involved with Ross County Breathe Program and helps with the Teen Center every week.

Becky shows the love and care that she has for the individuals that she works with by always wanting the best life possible for them. She’s always one of the first staff to volunteer her time to help with every activity/event that held by First Capital and with is also willing to donate her time outside of work to help the individuals we serve. She will always ensure that food/snacks are available to those who may not have it/can’t afford it. She has recently started crocheting and has made several wheelchair blankets for not only the individuals in our program but for others as well.

Since being at our Douglas building she has helped the program in that building grow and helped several individuals succeed. She has a “never give up” attitude and is always willing to give 100% no matter how difficult the task. She doesn’t just look at First Capital as a job but a place that she can make a difference.

Submitted by Tonya Emery