Assistive Technology

The assistive technology team is comprised of Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, IT specialists, and an administrator to act as service coordinator and liaison.  The team accepts referrals from members of the school, employees of the DD system, EI specialists, Help Me Grow, service coordinators, etc.  Once a referral has been received the members of the team will then assess the client for assistive devices and technology needs.  These needs can range from augmentative communication and wheel chair modifications, to splints and feeding utensils.  Anything that would require modification may be considered an assistive device.  Once the assessment has been completed, the team reconvenes to discuss each assessment and determine if the request would be beneficial for the client.  The team gives their recommendations to the administrator who then speaks to the referral source about the team’s determinations.


How to make a Referral:

The following is our process for ANY client wanting a therapist recommendation in order to procure ANY equipment or adaptations.  This includes any requests for use of waiver money, communication devices, etc.

First, make a referral to our team through our Educational supervisor, Chita Lewis at by filling out a referral form. This form can be accessed here.

Our team will assign the appropriate therapists to evaluate the needs from their individual disciplines in order to determine if the equipment/modification, etc., are appropriate for the client.  These therapists may vary depending on who works with the client (such as home therapists, preschool therapists, etc.).

These therapists will complete their assessments and give their recommendations in the next Assistive Technology meeting.  This process takes 2 to 4 weeks.  Please do not make a request that needs to be completed in a shorter time period.  We need to give each request the time needed to determine the best match of adaptation/equipment/device to the client.  We may also want to meet with a caregiver making a request to make sure we understand their needs or desired use of the adaptation or equipment.

Please do not email or request an individual therapist to write a recommendation or provide suggestions for equipment outside of this process.  This makes it very confusing and circumventing the process defeats the purpose of this team – to provide a holistic picture of the request and consider all aspects of the person’s function, abilities, needs, etc.

This process is available while school is in session (mid-August to the end of May) so that we may complete our assessments with the client.


Quality Indicators for Consideration of Assistive Technology Needs