Employment Programming

Adult Services are designed to help all individuals choose new vocational and social goals, and to pursue them in the least restrictive and most valued settings.  Adults enrolled with the Ross County Board of Developmental Disabilities (DD), also known as the Pioneer Center, may work in the community or attend one of our community programs with whom we contract for services.   Individuals receive support in several skill areas including work skills training, job placement assistance, mobility, self-help and daily living skills, communication, community awareness, social and emotional growth, and functional academics.


Inclusion Works – A Closer Look at Employing People with Disabilities

The Pioneer Center is proud to present this series of videos that showcase our partnerships in community employment. You will hear from both the employer and employee, who share their experiences. We would love to hear from you about these videos and if you have any questions about hiring a person with a disability. Please email jobs@rossdd.org or call 740-775-7044.

NIC Global is our most recent partnerships in the field of manufacturing, and the first to be highlighted in our video series. The tier-1 assembly manufacturer works to provide sleeper cabs for Kenworth Truck Company. They have had great success hiring individuals served by The Pioneer Center.  Learn more about NIC Global’s business by clicking here.

From mom and pop shops to industrial giants. From manuufacuring to custoimer service and everywhere inbetween, employers are seeing the benfits of hiring individuals with disabilities.

One of our country’s biggest employers, Wal-Mart, is also one of the biggest employers of individuals with DD in Ross County. Their success in hiring our folks has kept them coming back. Find out why…

Successful community employment is a two-way street. There is plenty that individuals we serve receive from community employment – above and beyond a paycheck. A greater sense of self, independence, and service come with each new job. Walt King is a prime example this…

To read more about Walt’s story, click here.

If you are interested in learning more about employing individuals with developmental disabilities email jobs@rossdd.org , or call 740-775-7044.



Community employment is the primary objective for the consumers enrolled in Employment Services. Options include:

· Competitive Employment

An employer hires an individual for a job and after an appropriate amount of orientation and training, the individual continues in the job relatively independently.  Ongoing job supports may be provided through one of our contract agencies.

· Enclaves

Where small groups of workers who have DD work at factories, restaurants, hotels, stores, and other work sites under the supervision of our staff.

· Mobile Work Crews

Provide ground maintenance or custodial services at various locations throughout the county under the supervision of staff hired by First Capital Enterprises. This includes State Use contracts for mowing, cleaning rest areas and the ODOT building.


Consumers who need a sheltered environment may enroll at First Capital Enterprises, Inc. or Goodwill Industries. Both agencies are nonprofit organizations responsible for securing subcontract work from area businesses and industries and overseeing its completion at one of their sites. The work consists of jobs such as collating, packaging, and assembly.


Consumers enrolled with the Pioneer Center who need more activity-based services, due to a higher need for medical, therapeutic, or social supports, may be served by one of our contract agencies. They may participate in various activities including outings, crafts, physical, speech or music therapy, and other personal development activities.


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