SSA Staff

The Service and Support Administrator (SSA) team can be reached by phone
at 740-775-7044.

Laura Martin Laura Martin
SSA Director
Victoria Pierce Victoria Pierce
Tracey Kemper Tracey Kemper
Tonya Neff Tonya Neff
Pam Hurles Pam Hurles
Nate Horsley Nate Horsley
Missy Ramey Missy Ramey
Laurie Martin Laurie Martin
Kelly Meyers Kelly Meyers
Kathy Smith Kathy Smith
Jillian Uhrig Jillian Uhrig
Jennifer Fout Jennifer Fout
Jane Smith Jane Smith
Jackie Zickafoose Jackie Zickafoose
Cari Owen Cari Owen
Abby Park Abby Park, Intake Coordinator
Jenny Wellington Jenny Wellington