Students Engage in the Democratic Process

With election season looming, Pioneer students eagerly joined the democratic process – campaigning, voting, and enthusiastically debating. Instead of electing a leader however, they were voting on the name of a new pony.

The baby pony, born May 26, is the offspring of Sugar, an Irish Draught pony owned by Star Gazey Equine Therapy, with whom Pioneer partners with for events such as Pony Camp.

Last week, students began the election process in their respective classrooms. First, every class had to come to a consensus on a name for which they would campaign. This was followed by an assembly where each class introduced their proposed name. Some classes made banners, others cheered (pompoms included); everyone came up with a creative and unique way to unveil their chosen name and subsequent campaign.  The names on the ballot included Pumpkin, Sunshine, Pioneer, Babie, Marshall, Rowdy, and Elmer.

On Monday of this week, students cast their ballot for their favorite pony name. The following day everyone gathered in the shelter house on the playground of the Pioneer School to hear the results of the voting. The event encompassed the grandiosity and merriment of any election night, complete with special hats, musical performances (“Happy Trails…Babie”), a Q&A session, and information about the candidate in question (covering the vitals – growth, diet, etc.).

Thanks to clever campaigning, enthusiasm, and wordplay that targeted those with a sweet tooth, Patti Smith’s classroom was successful in gaining a majority vote for the new pony’s name – Babie!

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Click here to visit Star Gazey’s website, where you can keep track of Babie’s progress.