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Notice to Parents/Guardians Regarding Release of Information

The following message from the U.S. District Court may apply to you if you are the student or parent/guardian of a student enrolled in an Ohio public school since 2013. Please read the following document for examples of the demographic data in question, as well as what you must do if you object to the disclosure of said information.  If you do not object to the disclosure of the information described in this document, you do not have to do anything.

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Thank you!

Thank you to Premiere Women’s Health, Jividen Photography, and everyone who took part in the Photogenic Baby Contest this year. We raised $1,300 for the Pioneer Center! Thank you all for your continued support.



Training Opportunities

Hands-On Literacy Athens12-2-14 Good Lookers -Pickaway9-19-14


Back to School Night

Back to School Night 2014