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SSA Department Sees Change, Addition to Staff

We are pleased to announce the latest additions to our Pioneer Center Service and Support Administration (SSA) dream team!

Kim Sexton has joined the Pioneer Center family as a Service and Support Administrator (SSA) and began work on July 7.  Kim is a 2002 Graduate of Ohio University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Human and Consumer Sciences.  Kim has over 10 years’ experience in working with children and families and has dedicated her career to serving people with developmental disabilities. She has received specialized training in the areas of service coordination, crisis intervention, conflict resolution, leadership and strategic planning. Kim has a nurturing, professional presence that will be well received by our Ross County families and we are happy to have her as a part of our team and look forward to collaborating with her on upcoming projects in our department. Kim can be reached at 740-775-7044, or by email at



We also have a former SSA taking on a new role. Abby Park will begin a new position in the Pioneer SSA Department in July serving the role of Intake Coordinator for our new adults and families entering into our services. Abby graduated from Wright State University in 2008 earning a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services.  Abby has been working as a full-time SSA for Pioneer since 2011 and has over six years’ experience and has made significant changes in the lives of the people she serves. Abby’s strengths include care planning, organization, public relations, along with a sincere genuineness in her approach with families. Abby has already proven herself as one of our team’s strongest assets and we are happy to support her in her new position. If you have any questions regarding Pioneer services, how eligibility is determined, or how to make a referral please feel free to contact her at 740-775-7044 Ext. 212 or you can email her directly at

Abby Park


Annual Benefit Concert Coming!



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Official Press Release

After 35 years as Superintendent of the Ross County Board of Developmental Disabilities (DD), also known as the Pioneer Center, Rick Marriott has informed the Board of his intentions to retire as Superintendent.

In response, the Board has developed a succession plan to allow for an effective transition to a new Superintendent.

This includes the approval of an Assistant Superintendent position that will be in effect for 6-18 months to ease the transition.

The transition plan will provide maximum flexibility to ensure the next Superintendent is fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of the position. If the individual possesses management-level experience but no Superintendent experience, the transition period may be designed for a longer period of time to understand the system and all the players, plus specific hands-on Superintendent training in the day-to-day operations. If the individual hired has experience as a Superintendent in the DD system, the transition period may be brief.

Regardless of the candidate’s experience, there will be time to give that individual opportunities to get to understand local cultures, system staff, individuals, parents, and community leaders without the burden of focusing on day-to-day operations.

The current Superintendent will be able to pass along 35 years of history and programming as a direct mentor or as an indirect consultant as needed.

This plan works well for all potential candidates – local residents, those from another Ohio county, or even out of state.