Bear’s Big Weekend


The infamous Bear – Special Program Director, Family Relations Coordinator, and Ambassador for the Pioneer Center – represented OU-C’s Child Development and Family Service Center at the Ohio University Alumni College Conference in Athens, Ohio this past weekend. This all took place over a busy weekend in Athens, during orientation for incoming students and “On The Green Weekend,” which hosts prospective students in.

There was artwork created by Pioneer preschool students, and others who attend preschool at OU-C’s Childhood Development Center, displayed at the Trisolini Gallery in Baker Center – the student center at OU. During the art display, the promotional video from the OU-C campus was presented, which included much of Pioneer’s EI performance of Rabbit Radio.

While there, Bear took a tour of the campus along with several local establishments, as evidenced by our pictures. And of course, Bear couldn’t bear to leave Athens without a bite to eat from the Burrito Buggy!