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Tigers Team Up with Lady Warriors

Yesterday our Pioneer Tigers hosted an exposition game with the Adena’s Lady Warriors. Each team consisted of players from both schools instead of making them opponents it gave them the chance to become teammates.

The Lady Warriors taught as they played, sharing their skills with the Pioneer Tigers. In return the Pioneers Tigers taught the lady warriors that even though they face different challenges, their similarity far out way their difference. The Pioneer Center would like to thank the Lady Warriors for taking their time to come play with and visit our students.



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Pioneer School’s “One Call” System

The Pioneer Center operates a phone-based system to alert individuals of school closings, delays, and emergency situations. You can register for the system, known as “One Call,” by submitting a request to Kari Karshner at Please be sure to include your phone number in that email. Alternatively, you may contact Kari by phone at 740-773-2165.


Important Notice Regarding First Capital Enterprises


First Capital Enterprises (FCE), a long-time partner of the Pioneer Center, is planning to relocate vocational and day facilities.  FCE has acquired new buildings; at 505 East Seventh Street for our vocational & work services and at 570 Douglas Avenue for adult day habilitation services.

FCE employees’ last day of work at W. Main Street will be Friday, February 21st.  The Douglas Avenue location will be ready by this time but East Seventh Street will not due to renovation.

Those consumers who presently work at the Main Street location will report to the Douglas Avenue location on Monday, February 24th, 2014 and until such time that renovations at East Seventh Street are complete.  Consumers in adult day habilitation will remain at East Seventh Street until a later date.   The public will be notified when all renovations are completed at East Seventh Street.   You need not contact your transportation provider as we will inform them directly.

For those consumers that depend on vending machines for lunch and or drinks, FCE will have a limited variety of items at Douglas Avenue.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ron Farrar, Executive Director of FCE at 740-773-2166, or by email at


Terra Rising Records Visits Pioneer

The Pioneer Center’s Music Therapist, Kris Ramsey, in a therapy session with Trey Pontius while videographer, Chris Greco, records.

The Pioneer Center’s Music Therapist, Kris Ramsey, in a therapy session with Trey Ponitious while videographer, Chris Greco, records.

The students’ first full day back after the holiday break was indeed an exciting one. Michael Ricucci, founder of Terra Rising Records came to visit and brought along a videographer. The duo came to observe music therapy sessions and conduct interviews as part of a documentary they are creating.

Through music and film, Terra Rising Records strives to capture the culmination of the human beat through creative collaborations and projects to celebrate just how universal the language of music can be.

Michael says the ultimate goal of the project is to “help expand music therapy to areas where it doesn’t exist and strengthen it where it does.”

The company began as a quiet idea in the mind of Michael Ricucci in the summer of 2011. Originally, Terra Rising Records was designed to be a record label that helped raise money for Music Therapy but it has since grown into much more.

Since 2011, Michael and Terra Rising have barnstormed throughout the US filming a feature length documentary highlighting the power of music to heal and connect as seen through Music Therapy.  In the winter of 2013 Terra Rising hosted its first event at The Artisphere in Arlington, VA that has since spawned multiple events nationwide.

Terra Rising is in the midst a full 4 month US/Canadian tour to wrap filming for the documentary while also collecting and distributing instruments through “Beat Teams” events that have already been set up in chapter-cities.

We at Pioneer were happy to host Terra Rising for the day, and proud to be a part of his documentary project.

To find out more about Terra Rising Records, click here.


Music Therapist, Kris Ramsey, poses with Terra Rising Records Founder, Michael Ricucci, and his partner/videographer, Chris Greco.

Music Therapist, Kris Ramsey, poses with Terra Rising Records Founder, Michael Ricucci, and his partner/videographer, Chris Greco.