Pioneer Students Take Tennis Lessons from CHS Teams

Students from the Pioneer Center made their way to the Chillicothe Fitness & Racquet Club yesterday and grabbed tennis racquets s for some one-on-one training.  After a division-winning season, the CHS girls tennis team gave pointers on how to play the game. They were joined by their male counterparts, who also assisted in showing Pioneer students the ropes.

“The players were really looking forward to it,” said Janet Disbennet, Head Coach for CHS’s girls’ tennis. “Twice as many student athletes showed up to the Chillicothe Tennis and Racquetball Club to assist this year.”

Pioneer students learned various techniques from their friends at CHS, including how to hold their racquets, and how to get the balls they hit to land where they want. After their lessons, the CHS teams ran through a couple of drills, showing them how they play the game.

After all the bright yellow balls were picked up and racquets placed in their cases, the students from both schools were treated to a pizza party, where they interacted with one another. The social interaction was an important part of the day for both groups, as typically developing adolescents do not always have an opportunity to interact with individuals with developmental disabilities. This type of interaction helps reduce stigma and promotes meaningful integration of individuals with disabilities.

CHS encourages each of their sports teams to do at least one community project a year. The CHS Track & Field teams have hosted Pioneer students for several years, helping to prepare them for the Regional Special Olympics. The Pioneer Center would like to sincerely thank the coaches, student athletes, and the entire CHS Athletics Community for their continued support and generosity.