Pioneer Students Enjoy a Behind the Scenes Tour of Community Market


A group of students from the Pioneer Center visited Community Market last week to get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work at a grocery store. Community Market’s Manager Jeff Anthony led the tour, explaining the day-to-day functions that make the business operate smoothly.

Students were treated to a behind the scene look of each of the store’s departments including the bakery, butcher shop, produce section, deli, and storage room. There were teaching moments at each leg of the tour, most of which involved a hands-on interaction.

During the tour of the bakery, students witnessed cake decorating demonstration, gave their best shot at creating a flower out of icing, and enjoyed a free cookie. Next was a trip to the back room, where the produce and other items are stored. Here, a student helped operate the bailing machine by pressing the start button after Mr. Anthony explained the function, procedures, and safety precautions.  After that, students checked out the industrial freezer. One student was brave enough to bare the freezing 6 degree refrigerator, lasting a few brisk moments before he headed out. The kids also tried their hand at the cash register, scanning items, and brushing up on their customer service skills. There, they also learned about UPC codes, and the change that technology had on groceries all over the world. To top off the tour, the students were treated to free ice cream.

Art Nickles, Vocational Specialist, and Brandie Barr Mustard, Vocational Aide, with the Pioneer Center arranged the field trip for the students. “Mr. Anthony has always been a friend to those in the developmental disabilities (DD) community, having demonstrated a willingness to offer employment opportunities,” said Art.  Art is hopeful that the trip may open a door to potential job shadowing opportunities as he continues to expand community employment efforts at the Pioneer Center.

For more information on employing individuals in the DD community, please contact Art Nickles at 740-773-8044.