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A Busy Day

flier - A Busy Day


Thank you Ross County Shriners

Several students from the Pioneer Center will be feeling the wind blowing through their hair this autumn thanks to a donation from the Ross County Shrine Club.  The Aladdin Shriners Hospital Association for Children, Inc. donated $1,800 to the Pioneer Center to help Pioneer purchase a “Duet Bike,” an adaptive bicycle that allows students who use wheelchairs to be pushed along in front of the bicycle rider. The Pioneer Center has been raising funds for the $5,000 bicycle for a year, and now with the Shriners’ donation, they will finally be able to make the purchase. During the presentation ceremony, Club President, Dave Duckworth said “we are pleased to be able to help out children with disabilities in our community in the spirit of generosity that our organization represents.”  ^0th Anniversary Event . Unity in our Community 003