Frying Up Fun – Pioneer and U.C.T. partner for the 25th Annual Fish Fry

Last Friday, the Pioneer Center partnered with U.C.T. for the 25th time for the Annual Fish Fry. The event was held at the Pioneer Center, where current students mingled with Pioneer alumni, as well as other individuals who are part of the Pioneer family. Individuals from Pioneer, Goodwill, First Capital Enterprises, Frontier Options, and Frontier Community Services were in attendance.

There were plenty of activities to accompany the food. Old movies that were shot at the school were shown in the home training room. There was also Wheel of Fortune, where individuals competed for their favorite candy bar. The event was capped off with a dance, held in the gymnasium.

The day was especially eventful for Kaylee Trent, a 14 year old student at the Pioneer Center who spent the day serving as the Assistant Director of Communications. Kaylee interviewed staff, students, and alumni throughout the day. She asked them questions about their favorite part of Fish Fry day, and how many years they had attended the event. The responses she recorded are too numerous to list here, so allow me to summarize: For many individuals, this was their first time attending the fish fry, while others were seasoned veterans. The most seasoned of which reported that this was their 32nd fish fry! Overwhelmingly, regardless of age or occupation, Kaylee heard that the favorite part of fish fry day was having the opportunity to interact with old friends.

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